• Logmatic Wedge Axe LM-250


    The Logmatic Wedge Axe LM-250 Pro is a truly revolutionary design improvement on the traditional axe, which has changed very little in thousands of years, and created specifically for splitting firewood. Traditional tools used for splitting wood – such as a common axe or maul and wedge – require a great degree of strength and skill. The Logmatic Wedge Axe is much more simple and safe to use – wood is split quickly and accurately with consecutive strikes in the chosen position. There is no need to lift or swing this tool through the air or overhead, often causing injury, and no need to continually bend at the waist, causing back strain.

    The Logmatic an innovative "Nordic Splitting" experience. Decades of design and experience in the field of wood harvesting and forestry machinery back up Logmatic products (wedge axe, basket, bushmatic etc.). Jussi Sarvela, was involved in the development of the first modern Finnish forwarder for forest haulage – a field of large-scale industry nowadays – as well as the light "Farmi" forestry machinery, which today are renown brand products the world over. Sarvela's company has received Finland's National Entrepreneur Award and his planning and design team's awards include recognition at the New York Second International Inventors' Exhibition. Throughout, the work done by the team has been innovative, and it has dozens of national and international patents to its name. Now this wealth of experience has been transferred to the Logmatic product range. Logmatic products received international acclaim at a forestry trade fair held in France, where the Logmatic won the Award of Security. But the best accolade is from the tens of thousands of users, who are making this safe and efficient product known in all the major countries of the World.


    Weight: 12.13 lbs

    Length min./max: 3' 5"/ 5' 1" in

    Hand grips: Rubber

    Blade guard: Yes

    Stopper for striking bar: Yes

    Striking bar lock: Yes