Decades of design and experience in the field of wood harvesting and forestry machinery back up Logmatic products. Logmatic products received international acclaim at a forestry trade fair held in France, where the Logmatic won the Award of Security.  But the best accolade is from the tens of thousands of users, who are making this safe and efficient product known in all the major countries of the World. Nordic quality and guarantee stand behind Logmatic products.

The environmental and efficient burning of wood requires the wood to be below 20% moisture content. To burn, the wood should be dry and then taken into the house a couple of days before burning to become 'house dry'. For use in wood burning stoves wood should be split into pieces about 5-10 cm thick. This is easily achieved by using the Logmatic Wedge-Axe to produce the right size firewood quickly.

The wedge axe is safe to use because the direction of the action is towards the ground. Thanks to this accuracy of the splitting action, you can benefit from existing cracks in the wood and also go around knotty parts. The block of wood splits readily thanks to the weight of the striking bar, the Law of Continuity, and muscle power. The split firewood is gathered into suitable bundles for carrying and drying quickly.

Enjoy using Logmatic products!